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Takehiko Sasaki, President

Many industries have been developed at a remarkable speed recently. Accompanying with this development, parts and components for machines, devices, and equipment have become more and more diversified.

Since starting the business in 1940, Sasaki-Hatsujo has been devoted to manufacturing a wide range of springs from small-lot handmade ones to high-volume machined products to keep up with developing technologies and diversified requirements.

With our leading edge equipment and know-how, we are manufacturing and providing products of various types and sizes in various industrial fields, such as oil filers for heavy machinery, cargo handling equipment, hydraulic machinery, automobile, railroad cars, and electrical equipment.

Our long-time engineering experience combined with leading-edge technology assures highly reliable, quality products.

We promise that we always make our best effort to meet individual customers' demands.

Takehiko Sasaki, President

Staff introduction

Staff introduction

Company Profile

Company name
Sasaki-Hatsujo Co., Ltd.
Head Office
1-1-29, Higashikojiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0033, Japan
Nakaniida Factory (Miyagi-ken)
37-2, Minamimachi, Kami-machi, Kami-gun, Miyagi, 981-4241, Japan
Thailand Factory:TAK SPRING INDUSTORY Co.,Ltd
300/114 Moo 1, Tasith Subdistric, the district of Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140 Thailand
Representative person and board members
President: Takehiko Sasaki
Director: Noriko Sasaki
Director:  Keishin Nakajima
Auditor: Yoshiko Nakajima
Description of business
Designing and manufacturing wire springs (compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs), formed parts, and special shaped springs


November 1940
The founder, Ryogo Sasaki, left Tsukishima-Hatsujo Co., Ltd. to establish Sasaki-Hatsujo Manufacturing Firm at 2581 Kitakoujiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo, starting the business by designing, manufacturing, and selling springs.
October 1953
Sasaki-Hatsujo Manufacturing Company was established as a limited partnership company. Ryogo Sasaki assumed the presidency.
Capital: ¥300,000
January 1963
As the business developed, the capital was increased to ¥1,200,000.
June 1964
Moved to the current location (1-1-29 Higashikoujiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo).
June 1964
Nakaniida Plant was built in Miyagi-ken. (37-2 Minami-machi, Kami-machi, Kami-gun, Miyagi-ken).
June 1981
Sasaki-Hatsujo Manufacturing Company was converted into a stock company and changed its name to Sasaki-Hatsujo Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiko Sasaki assumed the presidency and capital was increased to ¥5,000,000. Sasaryo was spun off as a corporation owning the land and building.
March 1995
Noriko Sasaki took the presidency.
October 1995
Capital was increased to ¥10,000,000.
March 1998
Takehiko Sasaki assumed the presidency.
May 2018
A new company building and factory was completed.